Sports & Holistic Therapies with Jo-Ella
Sports & Holistic Therapies with Jo-Ella
Treatments come under 3 categories - Holistics, Bodywork/Deep Tissue and Thai Massage.


The cup massage procedure is a simple treatment that gives impressive results. A cup massage helps release the rigid soft tissue through negative pressure and suction, it also helps drain off excess toxins and fluids your body may be retaining, it can help to loosen adhesions and lift the connective tissues.
The most common area for cup massage is usually the back. Larger cups make a strong vacuum that copies rolling action of getting a deep tissue massage. Your skin will turn red, this shows that circulation is being brought to the skins surface.
Benefits of Cup Massage are: loosening tight muscles, relaxing the body, chronic pains, lowers blood pressure, enhances skin tone, provides a peaceful & restful sleep, improves concentration, strengthens your immune system, energetically deficinet, ill, or frail, virial or bacterial chest infections, increases range of motion & flexibility, relieves tired & aching muscles. Effective in treating the unsightly problems of cellulite. Problems with a stiff neck? The cup massage soothes away neck tension by using a deep, slow approach with the use of smaller cups.

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